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CrossPath Counseling and Consultation

CrossPath Counseling and Consultation in Sammamish

In 2008 leading eastside experts in the field of child, youth and family counseling set a vision to provide a service staffed with experienced experts to respond to the unique needs of the Sammamish community.

This combined expertise from local community agencies and experienced private practitioners resulted in the development of an independent venture that we call CrossPath. This name is descriptive of our location within the Sammamish Commons Park where paths literally cross outside our door.  It also represents our philosophy of who we are.

CrossPath is the place for children, youth and families when they need help on the “path” of life. We know that everybody faces varying challenges at different times of their lives and need a place to turn to that is professional, respectful, confidential and comfortable. A place close to home where they know they can get the expertise, support and help they need.

We at CrossPath are dedicated to being here to meet those needs. Some of the areas we can help with:

We help youth with

  • making friends
  • managing their emotions
  • coping with academic pressure
  • reducing anxiety
  • the loss of someone close to them through death, divorce or separation
  • adjusting to a new school, home, or blended family
  • reducing the risks of drug and alcohol abuse
  • creating a healthy relationship with food

We help parents

  • resolve struggles with their children 
  • learn new parenting strategies that work
  • support their children when they're struggling or are overwhelmed in school
  • feel empowered and equipped to meet the new phases of development their children are experiencing
  • become more educated about the risks youth experience
  • get help for the child's drug & alcohol abuse
  • with bullying issues
  • adapt to transitions within the home

If you have another suggestion of a community need please send us your feedback at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it